"I look younger" 

"I feel rejuvenated!" 


"I'm thinner!" 


"I felt heat of energy!"


"My work life is much more fulfilling now!"


"I had chronic back pain. But it was gone after just one class!" 



"The swelling, bloatedness in my body is gone" 

"It's an amazing feeling! I could feel I was working the small areas in the body in a perceptual way" 


"i feel amazing"


"Less wrinkles!"     "シワが減りました!”

"My face is smaller and lifted!" 

"I feel so warm from the inside of my body”


"I can feel my blood circulation is so much better!"

"I used to have trouble sleeping every day, but I slept like a baby!" 

"My nose stopped running and my cold went away!"


"I even realized my relationship with my friends and family has changed!" (after 2 classes)
"友達関係、親子関係がとても良くなった!” (2レッスン後)


"I can do a split now!"



"i am happy




"I am much more flexible!"


"Easier to move!"


"My body feels lighter!" 

"I feel so energetic!
I don't get as tired as before"