What is Taikio?

TAIKIO is a practice of movements that vibrates, ripples and helps loosen the body’s cells. Our aim is to create soft and loosened body cells within the body, just like a baby has its fresh and malleable cells. 

The movements and energy of TAIKIO creates waves and vibrations throughout the body, and trains to stimulate and improve body flow from its true center.

TAIKIO class will start off with breathing and continue on to more fluid movements that loosen and stimulate the body circulation as a whole. Everything from the outer layer skin, to the internal organs, muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and capillaries. It helps take away body waste, strain and stagnation which become sources of stress, immobility, injury and illness.

TAIKIO allows for overall improvement in performance and balance of body, mind and emotion.

Who is it for?

-Athletes and dancers who want to become more in tune with their bodies and discover improved mobility.
-Parents who want to treat themselves to a time to take care of their bodies.
-Students and workers who want to relieve stress and work more efficiently.
-Any individual interested in improving their health, beauty and well-being.
-Anyone who is looking to excel in their daily lives or even pursued specialized fields.

+ Weekly classes held in Kyoto.
+ Contact us and bring Taikio to your city for a workshop!


Created by: keikai-shi

Taikio was created by Keikai-shi from Osaka, Japan who helps to provide improvement and relaxation to the trillions of cells in the human body with his innate energy and ability. With 'shugyo' training at Mount Omine a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, he originally created Taikio in the 1990s for his own body conditioning and self improvement. He is a health and well-being 'shi' master advising and teaching many families and individuals in Japan and overseas on their health, careers and overall quality of life.

Municipal Ballet School of Tlajomulco, Zuniga, Mexico



Born in Nara, Japan. She was raised in New Jersey, USA from age 3 and began classical ballet training at age 5. She trained at The Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia, USA on full scholarship. She performed a wide range of roles with multiple ballet companies in the United States. After returning to her home country, she started pursuing her studies for Taikio. Since 2014, she has introduced Taikio internationally across Japan, U.S.A, Kuwait, Malaysia and Mexico.